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KANBAN - The “flying stock room”

On request we can offer you our “flying stock room” plan. With this all-inclusive feel-good service our employees manage your stock room.

This concept is also known as Kanban and is exclusively based on the actual consumption of materials. We provide you with a stock cupboard, which our specialists check regularly with scanners and where necessary replenish.

This is called the pull-principle. This system is now primarily used in the office sector to ensure the optimal use of office materials. It helps avoid excess stock, material shortage and search times. If supplies are not based on the actual requirements, this will lead not only to a waste of money but also to a hampering of work with office materials. 

You’ve encountered the problem: you need office materials, for example transparent covers, but nothing is left in the materials cabinet. This leads to the fact that staff members hoard the covers in their desks to ensure that they don’t go away empty-handed when they need them and the materials cabinet is empty. In the end, more material will be ordered than is actually needed by the team. 

Our Kanban system ensures that unnecessary consumption and process costs can be massively reduced. We would be very happy to calculate your savings by means of our Kanban calculator. Simply contact us! 

Yes, I would like to benefit from these advantages. Please send me the documents.

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  • Best conditions
  • Competent specialist consulting
  • Free deliveries
    (from CHF 50.00)

    Free deliveries
    (from CHF 50.00)

    Orders above CHF 50 are delivered with no postal charges. For orders of under CHF 50 we charge a processing fee of CHF 9.80.

  • Next day delivery

    Next day delivery

    Throughout Switzerland.

  • Returns guarantee

    Returns guarantee

    You can return incorrectly ordered goods free-of-charge within 14 days, with a copy of the delivery note.

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    As a result this catalogue has been printed on environmentally-friendly FSC paper and we dispose of your empty toners free-of-charge and properly.

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